Construction Area Ahead: Expect Delays

Old Crane (c) Dorin Jannotta

First round editing on Sing is going a lot faster than I expected (yay!) but with all the work I’m doing on that plus all the work I’m doing at work, my brain is pretty much mush (boo.). To this end, I’m taking a brief hiatus from the blog so I can finish my work projects and my reconstruction of Sing. Not too long, though! I should be back Monday September 17th. Probably. ๐Ÿ˜‰

See you then! <3

2 thoughts on “Construction Area Ahead: Expect Delays

  1. Erica Cameron

    Thank you! So far it's gone surprisingly smooth. I'm just a little hung up on the last chapter, but I don't think that's abnormal. Endings are so important and SO HARD TO GET RIGHT!


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