Sing revision update #1

I am full throttle on revisions! Movin’ right along, I tell you. The longer this goes on, though, the more this is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Bad news first: Sing, Sweet Nightingale is starting to creep into my dreams again, which hasn’t happened since I NaNoed the novel in 2011. For most authors, dreaming about your book probably normal and/or welcome, but this series… well, let’s just say my dreams is the LAST place I want them.

The good news: I’ve managed to revise two chapters a day for the past two days. IF I can keep this pace up (and that’s a big IF), I might actually have a chance of finishing these revisions on time! Yay! Honestly, I wasn’t sure that was possible. I’m still not sure, but I guess we shall see.

Okay. That’s all I have for now. Back to the day job and sneaking in revision whenever possible!

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