Sing revision update #6

OMFG. I am *THIS* close to finishing the first round of revisions on Sing, Sweet Nightingale!

THIS CLOSE! Pinch of Sunlight (c) Dani Simmonds

Seriously. That close.

So close, in fact, I almost convinced myself it would be a good idea to give up sleeping last night to finish it. I’m glad I didn’t manage to make myself think that was a good idea (I need sleep or I am an awful person), but now I have to sit at my day job and try NOT to work on my book because I have ALL THE THINGS to do this week at work and it’s not going very well and I feel like I’m going mad because all I want to do is go hide in a Starbucks until the book is done!

*deep breath*

On the plus side, I think I should finish tonight! Then all it needs is a read-through to make sure I didn’t skip anything thinking I would go back to it and then forget… I do that sometimes. And then it goes off into cyberspace to my editors and my agent and OMG! Round one DONE! That will be a freaking milestone of epic proportions and I am thrilled to be almost hitting it!

Do I get to laze about after that? NOPE. I have another set of revisions to work on and Book 2 of The Dream War Saga to finish and a WIP I really, really want to dig back into. And, of course, a day job I have to try to keep myself from getting fired from.

Ahh, the glamorous life of an author!

*dives back into the day job*

Edited to add: (5:27 pm)

AHH OMG IT’S DONE! Read through here I come! Then all that’s left is to send it off! YAY! 

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