Thanksgiving news and new stories!

Beautiful Doorway (c) jhay0781

Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday, but this year it was better than ever! I got good news! A short story I wrote this summer will appear in Spencer Hill Press’s upcoming anthology Doorways to Extra Time!

Set in the same universe as my debut novel Sing, Sweet Nightingale my short story looks at what else is happening in the world. It follows Valari as she desperately works to save her best friend Will from a death that never should have happened to him, a death she feels responsible for. Titled Whatever It Takes, the story features characters who will make an appearance later in the series and gives a brief glimpse into the world readers will get to dive into when SSN releases in March 2014.

I’m thrilled to continue working with Spencer Hill Press and can’t wait for the anthology to release next year! More information will be forthcoming as I have it, but for now the news that it will be included is exciting enough!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

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