Time: Watch Your Addictions!

The internet is a black hole that sucks away time. OMG. Seriously.

Yesterday I meant to play around with some settings on my site, changing it up a little to keep the links current and everything. Then the internet attacked and I got pulled into the wormholes called Pinterest and Blogger and it spat me back out around 10:30 last night.

Umm… oops.

Maintaining a web presence is important–imperative, even–but the danger is letting it take over my time completely. Spending too much time perfecting a website isn’t going to help me write books and having an amazing Pinterest page with thousands of photos… well, no, actually. That might help me write books.

ANYWAY, my point. I have one. Most of the time setting time limits on things like Facebook and Pinterest is a good idea. However, every so often letting your brain unfocus for a while is a good thing too. I think yesterday was one of those days for me. Let’s hope I can get mysefl back on track tonight, though. 🙂

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