Today is the day I start playing catch-up.

Catch it! (c) Mateusz Stachowski

For the first time all week, I almost feel like my brain is a brain and not a pile of steaming nothing locked inside my head. Excepting a stiff neck, a slight cough, and a runny nose, I’m almost better! Kind of. I did sleep until 10:30 in the morning today, which is really weird for me, but maybe that’s why I’m feeling a little better than I expected.

My day job is closed for Good Friday, so that means I have today, tomorrow, and Sunday to play catch up and revise the rest of Sing, Sweet Nightingale. There’s still a lot of work left and, of course, the chapters yet to be written are the more complex, emotional, conflict-ridden chapters. Well, no one ever said being an author was easy, right? Not like it’s an office job where your work load can be handed off to someone else if you’re sick and a deadline is looming. And I wouldn’t want it to be anyway. But, still, I’m a little worried everything I write this weekend will be complete and utter crap. Although my brain is more awake than it has been the rest of this week, I still wouldn’t say it’s working at full capacity.

So, wish me luck! Into the trenches I go. After, you know, food of some sort. 🙂

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