Awards: I WON!

So, remember how I told you I was a finalist for the Marlene Award from the Washington, D.C. chapter of Romance Writers of America? Well, I WON! And I totally feel like doing a happy dance right now!!!

Seriously. My brain is so giddy I can’t form actual coherent sentences that contain substance right now. I’m just going to go close my office door and do an incredibly goofy happy dance for a while!!!!


4 thoughts on “Awards: I WON!

  1. Sera Phyn

    Thank you so much!! I'm ridiculously excited. I finally have something to put in my query letters to make me look professional! 😉

  2. Sera Phyn

    THANK YOU! It's kind of crazy, but I'm enjoying the moment. And I think I can improve the first chapter so much more than it was in the version I submitted.


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