Idea versus execution.

This post was not originally going to be centered on writing. But then I realized that, in the more general sense, this concept can apply to just about everything in life, so I’m keeping it more general than originally intended.

This hit me while I was talking to a friend of mine about a choreography project I’m working on. I told her that it really isn’t going well and her response was, “Oh, really? But it was such a cool idea!”

I blinked and kind of sat back for a second. She was right. It had been an amazing idea. So what the hell had gone wrong?

Help! (c) Carlos Koblischek

With my project? A lot of different things including the fact that I got myself in WAY over my head. That’s not really the important part, though. The important part is what I decide to do from here.

With my project (and in general), there are usually two options:

1- Scrap it.

2- Fix it.

Simple, right? Sometimes, yeah. It is. Other times not so much. It depends on what’s wrong and whether or not it’s fixable. It also depends on whether or not it’s fixable by you. Or, you know, me in this case. It’s not always the ideas that are the problem, but your approach to it. The issue is, if you’re approaching it the only way you know how… well, maybe it’s not the right idea for you or not the right time for you to work with this project. Or maybe you’re not supposed to be working on it alone.

With some concepts, execution is not as easy as it seems. Some ideas just don’t seem to want to translate into action, but if you keep pushing forward against the flow it’s inevitable that you will either hit a breakthrough or a wall. It’s when you hit that wall it’s time to make what might be a really tough choice. No matter which option you go with.

I feel as though I’ve hit a wall with my choreography project, so I’ve enlisted help. Tonight I’m getting a second opinion that will help me decide if the whole thing is salvageable or if I should just call it a loss and move on. I’ll check in later this week and let you know how that goes…

2 thoughts on “Idea versus execution.

  1. Erica Cameron

    Thank you! Class ended up getting cancelled last night, but I have another on Saturday, so we'll see how that one goes.

    It's amazing, though, isn't it? Sometimes this conundrum leaves me sitting there thinking, “I thought this stupid thing up! Why can't I make it work?!”


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