Playing with promotion ideas

Is the following brilliant or too corny to consider?

For Teens in 14

Well? It’s the possible name of a promotional blog focusing on debut YA authors whose first books are releasing some time during 2014. Whether small press or Big 6, a gathering place for YA fiction in 2014.And maybe not just debut. Maybe any YA authors who have books coming out in 2014. What’s funny is that I mentioned this on Twitter on Tuesday. As of right now, that tweet has been re-tweeted a total of 12 times. Which is insanely high for me. HOWEVER, no one has joined. It’s a strange mix. Obviously people think it’s a good idea, but no one seems to want to commit to it. I did discover that a blog like this already exists in OneFour Kid Lit. So I applied to join that. 😀

Honestly, maybe it’s a good thing no one is jumping on my bandwagon. I’m not the most organized of people and trying to corral a group effort like this is a little scary. I was hoping some super-efficient person would come along and think it was a great idea and take over some of the responsibilities. So far that hasn’t happened.

Anyway, maybe this will happen, maybe it won’t. Either way, I’m looking forward to beginning promotions for Sing, Sweet Nightingale. This book is my baby and I can’t wait to show her off! 😉

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