Productivity: An Epic Fail

Because of an IT catastrophe at my office, I’ve been working from home this whole week. I hoped this would give me more time to work on creative things like the sequel to my finished novel and really cool blog posts…. but somehow it hasn’t. I did manage to write a short story on Monday which I really like, but other than that I haven’t gotten much non-work work done. I don’t know why it is, but I’m much more productive on my writerly tasks when I’m at my office… which is the one place I shouldn’t even be working on my writerly projects.

I can definitely see why so many full-time writers don’t write out of their houses. Your home is tailor made to distract you from doing productive things. Your favorite books, games, movies, music, and whatever else are all gathered in one place for you. So is a nice comfy bed just begging you to take a nap! So much temptation in one place! I haven’t been good at ignoring it this week. Then again, I haven’t set myself any specific deadlines for any of my projects, so that probably doesn’t help either…

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