Sing revision update #2

Guys, after working 14-16 hour days since last wednesday, I totally feel like this right now:

Study 2 (c) Colin Adamson

HOWEVER, progress is being made and I’ve been told from trusted sources that it’s GOOD progress! So, yay! There’s no time-back guarantee that my editresses shall agree, but I will just have to take that chance and go where these revisions are taking me. Because right now it’s a really fun place. EXHAUSTING, but fun. 🙂

This also means that my brain is not really capable of thinking of non-SSN related things for very long right now. Because, you know, this happened:

[Co-worker comes into my office. I look up. Their mouth is moving and the words are completely lost.]

Co-worker: … Right, Erica?
Me: Did you say something about dreams?
Co-worker: [blank look] What? No.
Me: Right… of course. Sorry, what did you need?

So…. yeah. I’m going to go hide in my editing cave again. Because that’s where my brain is anyway.

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