Sometimes research is one of the best things about writing.

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In the name of research, I have crossed the country! Okay, also in the name of friendship and vacations and birthdays and cupcakes and just because, but research shall also happen!

Lani Woodland and I are working on multiple projects together and, somehow, they’ve all end up set in and around Los Angeles and Laguna. Now, this is okay for her because she lives within an hour of those locations but it’s not so easy for me to swing by and get a feel for the place considering I live about as far south in Florida as you can get before you hit the Keys. So what happens when you combine a birthday present with the need to research a place for a book? Apparently, you get a cross-country weekend trip! Or, I do anyway.

I flew out of Florida last night and today we head for Laguna! We’ll be scoping locations and scenery and lifestyle. We’ll be trying out the restaurants and talking to the people. All in the name of authenticity, you know. But also in the name of how-much-awesome-can-we-shove-into-one-weekend?

Look for pictures and updates next week! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend, too!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes research is one of the best things about writing.

  1. Sarah Guillory

    This sounds like my kind of research! I was just thinking about how much I hated my research, but that is because mine includes reading dry nonfiction titles on war. Yours sounds so much more fun!

  2. Erica Cameron

    OMG It's been so much fun! We've been all over the place and I'm going to have so many pictures to look at when I need to describe places. Plus, time with the bestie is NEVER a bad thing. 😀


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