Apparently, Twitter approves of my new agent

Today I announced that I am officially represented by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary! And then both of our Twitter notifications exploded and didn’t stop for hours. I’m floored by the love, guys! Thank you so much! I never expected this much excitement over this news, but I’m ecstatic that everyone else is as happy with my new agent as i am! ?

It’s been a while since my previous agent and I split, but I had so much going on with my Entangled and Riptide books that I didn’t have the time to query. Or anything to query with, really. When both of those houses began asking me “What’s next?” though, I realized that I needed help. I started querying, and Eric Smith was one of the first I sent an email to.

I’d been following him on Twitter for a while, and he’s geeky, kind, and hilarious on social media, so when a wonderful friend of mine, Tristina Wright, added her recommendation to all the other things I already liked about Eric, it was hard not to hope that he’d say yes.

Then I got an email, a request for materials. All I had to send was a proposal package for the project I planned on writing next, so I sent that out and crossed my fingers. It only took a few days for me to get another email, and this one started with, “So I devoured that sampling today. Did you… did you finish anymore of it by any chance? That was such a tease! It’s SO GOOD I WANNA FINISH IT. :-)”

One phone call and week for me to field requests from other agentsĀ later, I officially accepted the offer from Eric Smith and P.S. Literary and signed to be represented by them. I am so happy about this decision, and I’m extremely excited to begin working with Eric! And apparently Twitter approves of my decision, too, because there was far more excitement and enthusiasm for my announcement than I ever expected. So, thank you for that, and be sure to look for more news from Eric and me soon! (hopefully ;))

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