Writing: Creative ADD

I have had writers block. It sucks, but it’s not an everlasting thing. (Honestly, I think that’s the trick to beating it–seeing it as a finite, manageable event.) But for a long time I’ve had what I consider Creative ADD.

Not including Fallen, I am currently juggling twenty-four separate novels in my head. Some of these are fully formed stories with characters, plot, conflict, motivations, and even pieces of dialogue in place. Others exist only in a vague idea form that may or may not ever turn into a book. The problem right now–for me, at least–is sticking to just one.

The ideas I get are varied, each sparked by something different. Sometimes it’s books I’ve read recently (see my earlier posts about the right way to steal ideas), sometimes it’s something I hear someone say, or a random occurrence of synapse connections that scientists have yet to explain (really, sometimes I have no idea where these ideas come from). A few of these ideas already have a strong hold on me–I love them, they’re my babies, and I will see them completed one day. Others…not so much.

But picking and choosing between the ones I love? (Anyone else hear REM in their head, or is that just me… Just me? Yeah, I was afraid of that…)

I guess I just have to be grateful for the fact that I’m not yet working on a deadline, that I can come and go between stories as inspiration carries me without worrying about how many words I’m writing per day or when the polished draft of a certain book is due to the editors. I write this down so I remember this realization and enjoy it while it lasts.

Does anyone else notice that this is me looking for a bright side to the life of an unpublished writer? 😉

3 thoughts on “Writing: Creative ADD

  1. Anonymous

    *raises hand and waves* I notice! 😉 I just made it past an impasse in this chapter, so hopefully, I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel shortly. *drags self over edge dramatically* ;p

  2. Ulysses

    I don't think it's unusual to have a lot of ideas in your head, each begging for time and attention. Nor are you the only one who finds themselves looking for compensations for not being quite all that they feel they could be (does that make sense?).

    My response, if I'm serious about what I do, is simple: apply the seat of my pants to the seat of a chair and write something. Anything. The rest comes eventually.

  3. Sera Phyn

    *waves* Hiiii! 😀

    Sticking extra strong adhesive to my jeans and plopping down in a chair with my laptop. That's exactly what I've been doing. I like going with the flow but I almost feel as though I'm stretching myself too thin along too many projects that will never be finished. And, since Miss Anonymous mentioned tunnels, I'm so close to the beginning of the tunnel that there isn't any light yet. Maybe in a few years I'll have more finished work under my belt and the future won't look so bleak.


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