Writing: Landmark Moments

I realized this morning that a landmark moment passed yesterday without nearly as much pomp and circumstance as it deserves. I’m going to try to make up for that now.

Yesterday, I hit The End on my second first draft in the last ten days! No, this doesn’t mean I wrote two full manuscripts in ten days, but I did write the endings to two books and therefore moved two more projects from the “ideas that may or may not ever get finished” pile to the “Yay! It’s done!” pile. In this instance, it just so happens the two books exist in the same universe, so I feel even more accomplished than usual. One of them is the novel Lani and I have been collaborating on, the other is one that I began before my project with Lani–but somewhere in the middle of writing we decided to connect the two stories with a couple of secondary characters. Neither first draft is anywhere near polished (my solo book is missing a subplot and our collaboration went off on a tangent halfway through, so we need to go back and rewrite the first part), but finishing a first draft is still a certain measure of success, one I feel the need to commemorate.

Anyone have any recent writing successes they want to share? Sometimes we don’t have people in our lives who appreciate the thrill of some of our small successes, so share them here and I’ll celebrate with you!

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