Pax Novis

Title: Pax Novis
Series: Pax Novis, Book 1
Release: Fall 2018 (subject to change)
ISBN: (not available yet)
PublisherEntangled Teen

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Erica Cameron’s PAX NOVIS, a YA trilogy pitched as The Expanse meets Star Trek: Voyager, in which the human colonies spread across the Milky Way have been at war for centuries and everyone depends on the resources carried by massive cargo ships. And though they don’t know it, some stowaway teens hiding on-board the NOVIS may be humankind’s only hope when these ships start to vanish, to Kate Brauning at Entangled Teen in a three book deal, for publication in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively, by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary (World).

Read Erica’s full deal post here, and read her agent’s post about the series here.

More details to come.