2013 is already getting booked up fast!

I started double checking my calendar for scheduled events to make sure nothing important overlapped and I realized OMG. I’m going to be really freaking busy this year!

Between book and personal trips/events/weddings, I will be visiting Miami (three times), Manhattan (twice), Maryland, Vegas, Orlando, and a few other places I haven’t decided on yet. Considering that in 2012 I was lucky to go to BEA in Manhattan once, I’m so looking forward to this year of epic travel plans! I’ve also signed myself up to write four books, am about to tackle the edits on Sing, Sweet Nightingale and still have to fit my day job in there somewhere because it’s paying my bills right now.

If anyone ever suggests becoming a writer means you’ll have a lot of spare time, I might die laughing. 😉

I’ll post pictures and updates here and on Twitter/Facebook as the year goes by, so keep checking back to see all the exciting things in store for us this year!

Now I should probably go back to the day job before they realize I’m not doing anything…

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