A recap of my morning thus far.

So far today I have:

— Almost left my house with no shoes on
— Forgotten to grab either breakfast OR lunch before leaving the house
— Tried to go to one Starbucks only to find they aren’t open yet
— Arrived at another Starbucks in time to watch a cop drive away with his drink on the roof
— Freaked out for a minute because I thought my office key fell off my keychain

However, now I have my berry-hibiscus Refresher and a huge croissant and I made it to work on time (somehow). So I can hope the day is starting to calm down? Maybe? Hopefully?

Pleeeeeeeease, Friday. Don’t continue in this helter-skelter fashion! I does not like it. And the cop now missing his drink probably doesn’t either.

2 thoughts on “A recap of my morning thus far.

  1. Erica Cameron

    It was even funnier because one of the store employees was literally RUNNING after him trying to get him to stop before the drink crashed to the ground. But then it crashed to the ground and the guy gave up. He looked at me and was like, “Well, I tried.”


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