Counting down to release day! 11 days!

Getting closer and closer, everyone! Only 11 days left until Doorways to Extra Time releases and, with it, my story “Whatever it Takes“! Details are still in the works for my personal giveaway program, but… soon! Don’t forget, though, there’s still time to enter to win one of five copies on Goodreads! Also in the works, a possible appearance at Dragon Con later this month, which would be more than a little epic. I’ll let you know once I’m 100% positive I’m going to be there.

Today I’m posting another peek at “Whatever It Takes” and there are still four more to come! These posts will also be cross-posted on where, later this month, you’ll be able to find a list of songs that remind me of Sing Sweet Nightingale as well as the character bios I mentioned on Wednesday!

doorwaystoextratimeNow for snippet number two:

My mother always told me that you could make anything happen if you wanted it bad enough. Anything, she promised.

Problem is, even she thinks what I want is impossible.

The one thing I want is to change a night I can never get back. The night I could’ve saved him. I want that chance more than I want food, water, and air combined, but everyone tells me it’s impossible. “There’s no use crying over spilled milk.” “You can’t unring a bell.” “Those who walk looking backward fall behind.” It all translates to one thing: you can’t change the past, so don’t bother trying.

Do you get the feeling she’s going to try anyway? Cause I do. 😉

I forgot to add these last time (which is very silly of me!) but, just in case you’re interested in picking up your own paperback or ebook version of Doorways, check out one of the fabulous sites below! And come back on Monday for another look into “Whatever It Takes.”

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