Creativity: Can I Pull This Off?

For a reason unknown to me, my creativity works best when it’s trying to go in five different directions at once. I’m working on at least three major book projects, all my work for the job I actually get paid for, making jewelry (contest winners, I haven’t forgotten about you!), and I just had to add one more thing to the list.

Last night I taught my first classes at my dance studio in an intense three-week session hoping to put together an interpretive production of The Hunger Games. It was a lot of fun, but now I’m kind of thinking I might be a little insane. I have these ideas that seem great when I first think them up, but then I try to actually make them happen and… Well, let’s just say one year I thought it would be cool to climb down a rope from a catwalk during a dance and ended up falling about eight feet onto a hardwood stage. It’s true and also a perfect metaphor for how most of my plans go.

Yet somehow I can’t stop making them!

You’d think I’d learn…

Anywho, one of the girl’s fathers is going to help me build a set piece and the dance itself is actually looking a lot like I pictured it in my head! I’m still kind of amazed by that. Now all I have to do is cast the characters and find costumes and try to figure out how to teach four or six different groups what to do on stage at the same time. Should be easy, right?

…I think I may have gotten myself in over my head again. If it turns out well, though, I’ll record it at competition next year and post it here.

Wish me luck!

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