Drafting breaks my brain.

This is my brain while drafting:

Broken Glass (c) Patrick Moore

I don’t think I’d feel quite so broken and helpless if I knew what was holding me back from writing the last 30,000 words of this book. But I don’t know. Am I trying to force the characters to do something they don’t want to do? Maybe it’s a plothole I haven’t realized is there yet. Whatever the issue, my CPs and my editors can’t fix something that hasn’t been written. My job for the next couple of weeks is to ignore the problems I can’t find and write.

For this draft, I allow myself to write crap. I allow scenes that will probably get rewritten or deleted and dialogue that jumps all over the place and scene breaks that come too soon because I’m just fresh out of steam. I allow this draft to be a disaster because at least when I finish I’ll have a draft. And that’s more than I would have had otherwise.

Wish me luck!

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