The Friday Five – November 12

THE FRIDAY FIVEYes, it’s Saturday, but we’ve already established I’m bad at schedules. Additionally, this week has been hard in a lot of ways for a lot of reasons. It can be hard to find the good in these kinds of weeks, but it matters more than ever now.

So, my Friday Five, post-Trump edition.

  1. I was able to go to Miami this week for the Gemina signing! Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff were both delightful, and it was fantastic to be able to hand them each a stack of books to sign, all of which are now back on my shelf with the rest of my signed books collection.
  2.  Almost everyone in my Twitter community has been amazing this week. Graceful even in their outrage. It’s a privilege to be able to work with these people, and I hope they’ll continue showing me all the ways I can work to ensure the next four years don’t turn into a train wreck.
  3. Cashew milk ice cream. I can’t eat much dairy, and this stuff is a serious blessing on the days when I really need to drown my sorrows in chilled chocolate.
  4. Even if it came too late, I have seen a number of stories about people who voted for Trump realizing exactly how awful he is and beginning to work with the rest of us to mitigate the damge he’s going to try to do. I hope more people follow their example and that Trump’s clear racism, misogyny, and bigorty becomes the turning point for this country. We can survive it if something good is waiting at the other side, I just wish it hadn’t had to come to this.
  5. Book news. More details on this one later, but for now? Book. News. 😀

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