Inspiration: Where To Find It

A lot of writers I’ve met have said that one of the questions they’re asked most is where do you find inspiration. It’s hard to give a real answer to this questions. The best one I’ve ever heard is PAY ATTENTION.

For example, recently one of my friends posted an article on Facebook that included these pictures:

[visit the article to see pictures of the zombie house.] [[edited to add: article seems to be gone! Sorry about that…]]

Doesn’t this building spark a bunch of ideas? Who would live in a place like this? What happened in their life to make them this paranoid? What are they afraid of now? Where did they get the money to build a concrete, high-tech bunker? What do the other people in the neighborhood think about this house and whoever lives there?

This is just one example, and not necessarily one that works for you, but it helps illustrate my point. Keep your eyes open and always ask questions. You never know when you’ll find the picture/person/song/statement/quote/movie/color/scene/location/question/whatever that will ultimately become your next book.

And, no, my next book is not going to be about the zombie apocalypse. 😉

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