Musings: Pomegranates Are Messy

I vote that pomegranates offically be named the messiest fruit to eat. I tried recently because it’s been years and I forgot what a chore it is. This is what the pomegranate looked like before:

And after:

Eating this fruit requires a knife, the use of your nails, and about half a roll of paper towels. And I STILL ended up with incredibly sticky fingers and a tupperware full of scraps.

The question that popped into my head while eating this (and thus prompting this post) is how in the world did pomegranate seeds cause Persephone’s downfall?! I really hope that she was offered just the seeds because if she took the time to peel and eat this thing and still blamed it on Hades, then she’s a liar. The process of peeling open one of these deceptively pretty fruits involves too much work and time. If she had to do it herself, she had plenty of chances to realize, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t eat this if I ever want to go back to my mom.”

(Okay, confession: The before and after photos are NOT the same pomegranate as the whole questioning process didn’t start until I was halfway done with the stupid but delicious thing and therefor it didn’t occur to me to take a picture until it was far too late. Still, it looks close enough 😉 )

… And, yes, these are the kind of weird random thoughts that run through my head.

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