NaNoWriMo: Back On The Horse

After my consuming worries yesterday morning, I’m happy to report that I’m back on the horse!

In fact, I think I may be stronger for taking a day off. So, in that vein, last night I caught up on missed episodes of Once Upon a Time (such an awesome show!! :D) instead of chaining myself to my computer until it was time for me to collapse into bed. I’ve been buried in this novel so deep I forgot that I need breathing space every so often, time for my creative batteries to recharge. I’ll have more of that this weekend as I will be attending the Miami International Book Fair–even if it decides to rain, which it will if the sky right now is any indication. Either each night or at the end of the weekend, I’ll post updates of interesting things I see or books I find that I’ve never heard of before but want to read. I’m excited! It’s off to work now so I can leave early and go spend my time in a much more amusing fashion! 😀

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