New Years: Resolution, Resolve, and Reality

First, an admission. I have never, ever come close to following through on a list of resolutions. Because I have no resolve? Maybe. Because I set myself overambitious goals? Possibly. Because life can throw you a series of unexpected, life altering, time consuming curve balls? Probably.

Whatever the excuses reasons, it’s still a fact. Will this year be different? Who can tell? Am I going to try anyway? Yep.

What does that mean to you? Not much. Posting it online is really just a form of accountability. We’ll check in with this next year and see how well I did on all of these.

1. I will redesign my blog with a custom template. (Done!)

2. I will finish book 2 of my current series. (The structure of the series changed completely, but outlines have been drawn up and chapters have been written! It’s all moving in the right direction.)

3. I will polish and shop book 1 of my current series. (Begun June 2012 Sold to SHP July 2012!)

4. I will attend at least one conference. (Yay! I’m going to BEA!)

5. I will post in this blog at least three times a week. (Close enough, I’d say! I was really close to doubling my count from last year)

6. I will develop the storylines for at least one additional series. (Two different series are in the works with Lani Woodland)

7. I will figure out how to make myself work out… somehow. (Yeah… this one is still an epic fail.)

8. I will develop some kind of a social life, even if it is a sporadic one. (The success of this one has been hit or miss, but I did get myself out of the house more often!)

9. I will budget better so I can either take my dream vacation or move to New York within three years. (Uhm… Yeah. Progress has definitely been made–I’m officially out of debt!–but this goal is still a LONG way off…)

10. I will not let more than two days pass without writing something, even if it’s only jotting down an idea that passes through my head. (The productivity of this year is kind of amazing, so I mark this one done!)

So, there you have it. I figured ten was a nice round number, ambitious without being impossible. Wish me luck! We’ll check back in with the list next year!

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