Publishing: The Hits Keep Coming…

It seems like I’m finding a lot of strange stories about the weird/horrible/dishonest things that can happen when working with traditional publishers. Kristen, a literary agent who blogs at Pub Rants, posted about some strange legal foreign rights issues she’s had with some authors recently. Basically, books were being sold in countries where the publisher didn’t have the right to sell books. I find it hard to believe this happens often, but it does seem to be a validation for employing an agent! And, at the same time, is one more hit to the dream of traditional publishing. Now people are painting it to look more like the picture from above. Oh no! You won! Game Over.[gone now, but I found it here.]

In happier news, my new blog design is progressing well! Tara over at PIP Designs has been so patient putting up with my vague descriptions and poor choice in inspiration imagery. I think we finally have an understanding and it’s getting closer to the grand unveiling! Yay! She really has been fantastic and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a Blogger redesign.

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