Responsibility: Should We All Ruffle Some Feathers?

We can’t figure out why, but my mom gets a lot of magazines for free. It’s usually Men’s Health, US Weekly, and things like that, but my favorite is Entertainment Weekly. In the most recent issue, they present an article written by comedian/actor/writer/director Ricky Gervais about his controversial performance as the host of last year’s Golden Globes Awards. Essentially, he offended almost everyone in Hollywood at some point or another with biting commentary and off-color jokes. But isn’t that what comedians are supposed to do?

Entertainment Weekly gave Gervais the chance to explain his reasoning and his views on the purpose of comedy as we head into the 2012 Golden Globes. Surprisingly (maybe), Gervais is hosting it again this year.

Well written and insightful, the article talks about how sometimes what he says in no way relates to how people interpret his intentions. A particular joke about Scientology made last year, for example, was not an attack on any member of Hollywood royalty, it was an attack on an organized religion that tries to control and conform human behavior. All in all, it made me actually want to watch the award show this year–something I never do.

I tried to find the full article online, but didn’t have any luck. If you can, stop by a drug store or doctor’s office and look for this piece. It’s well worth reading, and not just for writers who (I believe) have the same responsibility Gervais attributes to comedians. This article shines a light on a deficit in human understanding, one that’s behind more arguments and wars than I want to contemplate.

Also, if anyone does find the article online, let me know?

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