Element: Fire and Water

Uses: Relaxation, emotional balance, release of stress and resentment, connection with the heart

Description: [Green calcite] is cooling to the ‘hot’ emotions such as anger and irritability, it nurtures positive traits like compassion and altruism, and it clears the heart chakra of stress and other types of unhealthy psychic debris…. Green calcite helps one direct the attention of the mind to the urgings of the heart, assisting one in moving one’s center of attention to what the heart knows. Green calcite can improve the quality of meditations, helping to still the incessant voice of the thinking mind, allowing one to experience wordless awareness. Sleeping with green calcite can make dreams more pleasant. Carrying or wearing it can make one feel clear and relaxed amid the stresses of daily life.


Transparent Pink

Element: Fire and Water

Uses: Emotional Healing, compassion, joy

Description: Transparent pink calcite is a stone of deep compassion, and it generates this energy in those who work with it. This compassion occurs first for oneself and one’s past mistakes and fear-based decisions, and then for others. Transparent pink calcite also facilitates the state of non-judgmental acceptance and unconditional love.