Brown (aka Dravite)

Element: Earth and Storm

Uses: Self-acceptance, self-healing, bringing the shadow self to consciousness, self-love

Description: Human beings are split–divided into the sunlit side and the side that dwells in the shadow. For most, the shadow means the unconscious, and one’s shadow self consists of the rejected parts which have been pushed down into unconsciousness. There are several problems with this situation. First, it takes life-force energy to keep things confined to the unconscious. Therefore, those with large shadows (almost everyone) have only a fraction of their original energies available to them. Second, the shadow wants to be made conscious, so it frequently erupts in compulsive behavior, slips of the tongue, depression, and wild emotional mood swings. Third, one’s most precious gifts are frequently pushed into the shadow territory, because their early manifestations likely have met with rejection from parents or others…. Dravite is the ideal gemstone ally to initiate and accompany one on [the essential journey to unlocking the shadow self].



Element: Water

Uses: Will, confidence, inner strength

Description:Golden tourmaline… can help reduce and eventually eliminate feelings of visceral fear aroused by confrontations with others. It assists in “holding one’s own” in all situations, helping timid individuals find the courage to face previously threatening experiences. Golden tourmaline promotes clear thinking, goal setting, creative problem-solving, confidence, perseverance, self worth, and a positive attitude. Because it helps bring one into a feeling of one’s own worthiness and strength, it also supports tolerance, benevolence, and the empowerment of others.




Element: Water

Uses: Healing, strength, vitality, wholeness

Description: The colors of green tourmaline vary from the pastel shades of early spring leaves to vibrant emerald, all the way to olive and nearly black…. Green tourmaline is one of the premier stones for self-healing…. The physical heart in humans is a powerful generator of bioelectricity, creating a measurable energy field that extends twelve to fifteen feet around the body. Green tourmaline emanates a subtle-energy field that can harmonize with that of the heart, engendering wholeness, dynamic balance, and stability…. It helps spiritual people embrace and enjoy life in the physical world.




Element: Water

Uses: Love and emotional healing

Description:Pink tourmaline varies widely in shade (from pale pink to deep red) as well as clarity (from flawless transparent gems to opaque rough crystal pieces). It is unsurpassed as a gemstone aid in healing old emotional wounds, particularly those of childhood. It emanates a soft, soothing energy that engenders feelings of comfort, safety, and nurturance. Pink tourmaline can be used to repair “holes” in the auric field created by negative attachments or past abuse. These crystals can help the emotionally “numb” recover their passion and zest for life.




Element: Storm

Uses: Purification, recovery from negative influence

Description: Tourmalined quartz is defined for purposes of this discussion as clear quartz which has crystals of black tourmaline (schorl) running through it…. For anyone who has ever wished for a psychic vacuum cleaner to return one’s energy field to the pristine, unpolluted state, tourmalined quartz is an ideal ally. Clear quartz can be the most wonderful and versatile of tools, with its capacity for amplifying almost any vibratory energy or intention and its easy programmability…. [The] black tourmaline exerts a cleansing and grounding influence that keeps quartz clear of negativity. The quartz in turn amplifies black tourmaline’s purifying energies, making tourmalined quartz one of the most powerful tools for clearing out “bad vibes” of all types, repairing the auric field, restoring dynamic balance to all chakras, and promoting general well-being.



Red (aka Rubellite Tourmaline)

Element: Water and Earth

Uses: Alignment of the individual and Universal heart, healing the heart and the emotions, rekindling one’s passion for life

Description: Rubellite’s name is derived from the similarity of its color to that of ruby, although most rubellites are more pink than red. It goes deeper than other heart stones, which may activate this energy center and stimulate loving feelings…. Because it has the capacity to link the individual heart to the Universal heart, it can be a source of nurturing energy that one can draw upon for healing…. It [also] allows one to draw upon Universal Love energies when one is working to heal emotional wounds…. It helps those who have fallen into numbness–either as a result of personal trauma or simply because of the depressing onslaughts of everyday life–to find their way back into feeling.