Time to get back to work!

Since I got home from work on Friday, I have done next to nothing. I spent most of the weekend in my room watching movies and TV on Netflix and making jewelry. One thing I learned? If you haven’t yet seen the first season of the SyFy show Continuum, GO WATCH IT. That show is pretty freaking awesome. It also helped recharge my head. I don’t feel nearly as braindead as I did last week and so it’s time to get back to work.

We Are Drawing (c) Zsuzsanna Kilian

Right now, my WIP is just titled Project 1 in the word count sidebar (and also on my Pinterest page). I began working on the draft last fall, but other projects that had priority pushed it aside time after time. The same thing will probably happen again soon as I can only work on this draft until I get my second round of edits on Sing Sweet Nightingale or edits on a contemporary my agent is looking at right now. I’m determined to get this draft done, though! Soon! Maybe It’ll actually happen by the end of the summer. I can hope, anyway. 🙂

Wish me luck! And time. I need more of that.

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