Update: I’ve Graduated!

Yesterday, I turned in my last undergraduate paper! I am no longer a college student! In fact, for the first time in my life (that I can remember–I don’t think toddlerhood counts), I’m not a student at all!

I’m going to be working full time for the next two years and using my much more plentiful free time to finish books two, three, and four of the Fallen series. I will also try to make sure that this blog gets some form of update every week whether it be related to my books and their path to publication, articles on writing in general, answering questions, or reviewing someone else’s book.

So, rejoice! I know I will be. 😉

3 thoughts on “Update: I’ve Graduated!

  1. Sera Phyn

    Thank you both so much! It is a huge deal for me, but I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. In the bck of my mind I'm still tryint to prepare myself for next semester! LoL!

    And don't feel bad, annie, I went through all that already and I survived. Your time shall come, too! 😉



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