Writing: Hitting The Wall

Since October 31st, I’ve been moving forward in this draft at bullet-train speed. Some days my word count jumped by almost 10,000. That is unheard of for me! Most days my I averaged closer to 3,500, but even that is way above my normal productivity range.

And then yesterday I wrote about 650…

And, now, I’m worried I might end up like one of those guys who dresses in velcro and throws himself at a sticky wall…

Have I hit the wall? Have I pushed myself too hard the last few weeks? Do I need time to recharge? Or was yesterday just a day where a hundred other things were going on?

Even having hit this point before, I can’t yet tell if I’ve reached it again.

Then again, I did fall asleep before 9:00 PM last night. So maybe I was just exhausted.

What do you guys do when you stall on a story? And tricks? I’m hoping a LONG sleep will help me get back into the flow.

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