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Look what I got!

How do you know you’re working with amazing people? They send you a freaking ornament with your book cover on it! Thank you SO MUCH, @bethany.robison! I’m actually excited to put up my Christmas tree now. ?

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More from the #RHSLitFest!

More from the #RHSLitFest! The whole day at Riverdale has been full of meeting fun students with interesting questions and wonderful art! Can’t wait for day two tomorrow!

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A poem inspired by SSN

I love fiction and art inspired by other things. I think this is how we start as creators of new art, by loving and recreating the work that has come before us. I started seriously writing within the world of Twilight fanfiction. While I do have some issues with trying to make money off of something that is obviously someone else’s work, fiction, poetry, music, and art inspired by other works are not only a natural part of an artist’s evolution, it’s a necessary one. In fact, one of the things I’m really excited to see if fan art of my series.

I just never expected to start seeing it so soon!

Created by Andye at Reading Teen

Already I have seen several graphics made with quotes from the books, a sketch, and now a poem! This landed in my inbox last night and I requested permission to share it because HOW COOL IS THIS?! The poem below was inspired by Mariella from the beginning of Sing Sweet Nightingale and written by Kayla DeGroote.

Who knew someone,
Especially someone like me,
Could live in such complete and utter

I haven’t said a thing
In years.
Not a word, not a sound, not a single noise

You’d think it’d be hard
To live without a voice
But silence is easier
Than words I could ever say

It hurts those I’m close to
But I refuse to give in
Because I do it for him
And he’s all that truly matters

He’s all I really need
I’ll love him forever
And with my silence,
It’s something we’ll have

He’s turned my all my dreams
Into a beautiful Paradise
A reality I’d never have
In the real world I live in

So I will bite my tongue
Swallow my words
Hide my voice
And take pride in my silence

Soon we will have eternity
And to make that happen,
I will gladly be mute
Who knew I so easily could?


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kayla! 😀