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#BFestBuzz 2016!

Had a great time at the #BFestBuzz event tonight! And it’s still a little wonderfully surreal to see a display with my books on it. ?

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A Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway!

Have you posted a review of one of my books online anywhere? If so, I want to say thank you! Until 5.31.16, I’m hosting a reviewer appreciation giveaway! It’s open internationally and all you have to do to enter is submit links to your reviews. The grand prize is everything pictured here! So go enter! Http://

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I was on the radio!

I was incredibly excited/nervous/thrilled to receive a radio interview request about Sing Sweet Nightingale. My first one ever!

It was nerve-wrecking to call in and hope that I could come up with off-the-cuff answers that made sense, but I think that I succeeded. The conversation revolved around the theme of emotional abuse, something that is a key element in the book and very important to me personally. I am immensely thankful to KPRS 103.3 in Kansas City and DJ Julee Jonez for helping me spread awareness on this important issue.

On her website, Julee had this to say about it:

One in three adolescents in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, a figure that far exceeds rates of other types of youth violence. What’s more alarming? Only 33% of teens who were in a violent relationship ever told anyone about the abuse. But would teens pick up a book about emotional abuse? Author Erica Cameron, who was in an emotionally abusive relationship, figured out a way to marry the theme with a creative read in her debut novel, “Sing Sweet Nightingale”, the first volume of The Dream War Saga, a four-book young adult series. Listen in as we chat about the read and the serious issue of emotional abuse.

If you didn’t get the chance to hear the interview live yesterday, you can still listen to the whole interview (it’s only about five minutes!) online for free here. If you are looking for additional information and resources about emotional abuse, check out my resources page for information on emotional abuse and gaslighting, an incredibly invasive and insidious abusive technique.

Monday March 9, tune in to Hot 103.3 FM

At 11:30 CST on Monday March 9, tune in to Hot 103.3 FM KPRS in the Kansas City area (or online) as DJ Julee Jonez interviews me about #singsweetnightingale and the impacts of emotional abuse. If you listen, you could possibly win one of three copies of my book that she’ll be giving away!

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Here There Be Spoilers


I’ve known since about this time last year that there would be a lot of deleted material from Sing Sweet Nightingale that I wanted to post online and share with readers. The only thing I wasn’t sure of was how and where to post it. Finally I decided to have a little fun with it and create a blog tour specifically for the extraordinary amount of material I wanted to post.

Really. It’s a lot. Word-count-wise, it’s basically a novella’s worth of material.

The sections come from all over the book–old beginnings, old endings, and moments in the middle that no longer exist. Some of these scenes still contain canon information while others involve sub-plots and story elements that no longer apply to the Dream War Saga as a whole. You will also have the chance to win one of three prizes including a signed copy of the book and some jewelry I made!

Lucky for me, a group of fantastic bloggers also thought this would be a wonderfully fun idea and agreed to help me make this happen! Below is the schedule for the next two weeks so that you know where to find each day’s scene:

November 3 – A Backwards Story

November 4 – Kissed by Ink

November 5 – Queekie Girl Reads

November 6 – Chasm of Books

November 7 – Bumbles and Fairy-Tales

November 10 – Books Complete Me

November 11 – KellyVision

November 12 – Falling For YA

November 13 – WhoRU Blog

November 14 – Pandora’s Books

In December, these scenes will all be arranged chronologically and posted on The Dream War Saga’s official site. For now, head over to these blogs on the dates listed and get a behind-the-scenes look at the editing process of Sing Sweet Nightingale.

Halloween Book Trail

201410-HBT14 - banner

Welcome to the next stop on The Woods trail of Zoraida Córdova’s Halloween Book Trail! I got to answer some fun questions about Halloween and desert islands and fear and all sorts of things. Check it out here and then continue on your journey through The Woods!

201410-HBT14-The-WoodsIf your MC went trick or treating, what would they dress up as and why?

The last time Mariella went trick or treating it was in sixth grade. She and K.T. teamed up and they went as Antony (Mariella) and Cleopatra (K.T.). They made pretty much everyone treat them like royalty all week and everyone called them Tony and Cleo for the rest of the year.

Hudson didn’t go trick or treating much as a kid, but J.R. thought Halloween was amazing. The October before J.R. died, Hudson took him trick or treating for the first time. J.R. dressed up like Hulk—Hudson even painted the kid entirely green for the occasion—and he picked out Thor for Hudson. Since Hudson’s hair is so short, J.R. insisted on a wig. This insistence came in at the last minute so the only one Hudson could get was meant for young girls and was therefore too small for his head, too long, and had bangs. It looked ridiculous on him but it made J.R. happy and that was pretty much all that mattered anyway.


What scares the pants out of you?

Honestly, the intangible is more frightening to me than the tangible. And I’m not talking about ghosts. Spiders and heights and small, dark places are all less frightening to me than betrayal and abandonment. Those concepts and actions can do much longer lasting damage than a lot of other things worth being afraid of.


Do you legit believe in ghosts and things that bump in the night? (We won’t think you’re cray)

I’ve never seen anything, but yes! The universe is too vast and complex for there not to be things that we haven’t seen or can’t understand. What I don’t think is that any of it exists in the forms we have stories about. Vampires, werewolves, quasi-corporeal ghosts, etc. all may be based in something real, but most of that probably comes from the collective imaginations of humanity. Speaking of the human collective, the theory of universal consciousness is something I’m pretty much 100% sure is real.


If you were stranded on a deserted island or haunted house, what number are you to die and how?

Probably first. And it would be some stupid accident on my part or the fact that I exercise, like, never and am incapable of pulling myself up should I fall through broken floorboards or over a cliff or off a roof or something. Or, since I know nothing about shooting guns, I’ll misfire and hurt myself. Really, don’t trust me when things go to hell. I am not the person you want with you in a horror movie or zombie apocalypse or even on a deserted island.


What magical/supernatural creature do you secretly want to be?

I’ve never had an extremely strong desire to be a magical/supernatural/mythological creature (it seems like the cons really outweigh the pros most of the time; I would possibly make an exception for having the Gift out of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall world), but there are a few I would have loved to meet and/or have. Pegasus has always fascinated me as have fairies (the tiny, spritely ones, not the evil, manipulative ones). What I’ve really always wanted, though, is a dæmon out of The Golden Compass. I would jump on a chance to visit that world and meet my dæmon in a heartbeat!

 Want to continue on the trail? Next up is our fantastic hostess Zoraida Córdova! Visit her blog and study up! There will be a quiz. 😉

A poem inspired by SSN

I love fiction and art inspired by other things. I think this is how we start as creators of new art, by loving and recreating the work that has come before us. I started seriously writing within the world of Twilight fanfiction. While I do have some issues with trying to make money off of something that is obviously someone else’s work, fiction, poetry, music, and art inspired by other works are not only a natural part of an artist’s evolution, it’s a necessary one. In fact, one of the things I’m really excited to see if fan art of my series.

I just never expected to start seeing it so soon!

Created by Andye at Reading Teen

Already I have seen several graphics made with quotes from the books, a sketch, and now a poem! This landed in my inbox last night and I requested permission to share it because HOW COOL IS THIS?! The poem below was inspired by Mariella from the beginning of Sing Sweet Nightingale and written by Kayla DeGroote.

Who knew someone,
Especially someone like me,
Could live in such complete and utter

I haven’t said a thing
In years.
Not a word, not a sound, not a single noise

You’d think it’d be hard
To live without a voice
But silence is easier
Than words I could ever say

It hurts those I’m close to
But I refuse to give in
Because I do it for him
And he’s all that truly matters

He’s all I really need
I’ll love him forever
And with my silence,
It’s something we’ll have

He’s turned my all my dreams
Into a beautiful Paradise
A reality I’d never have
In the real world I live in

So I will bite my tongue
Swallow my words
Hide my voice
And take pride in my silence

Soon we will have eternity
And to make that happen,
I will gladly be mute
Who knew I so easily could?


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kayla! 😀