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Sometimes writing is about as fun as resetting a broken bone

Writing – (c) Elisa Xyz

My goal this weekend was to work on a short story I’m trying to finish this week. I knew where I was heading and so, in theory, this should have been a cinch.

Turns out, it wasn’t.

I got very inventive at avoiding sitting down at my computer to write this weekend. Saturday I finished switching bedrooms by organizing all of my books onto their new shelves. I even took the time to put a bunch of unorganized pictures into photo albums. This is a project I should have done years ago considering some of the pictures were from elementary school. Sunday I played around online for a while and then decided I needed to get some sun, so I went out to the pool for an hour or two. It was while I was baking in the blistering Florida sun that I finally realized why I was avoiding my story.

It wasn’t that I didn’t know what the next scene was or didn’t know my character or any of that, I just didn’t want to write it. I knew what was coming and it was going to be painful for both me and my character and I didn’t want to face it. Luckily, once I understood this, it was easier to take a deep breath, sit myself down at my desk, and plow through that scene. Everything is moving forward again and the end is in sight. Yay!

The lesson to be learned from my weekend o’ procrastination is that it isn’t always your story blocking you from writing. Sometimes you need to look at what’s coming and realize you’re not willing to face what you’re about to put your characters through. Maybe that will be enough for you to change the plot and maybe not, but it’s something to keep in mind when you just can’t seem to force yourself to place your fingers on the keyboard and go.

Time: Watch Your Addictions!

The internet is a black hole that sucks away time. OMG. Seriously.

Yesterday I meant to play around with some settings on my site, changing it up a little to keep the links current and everything. Then the internet attacked and I got pulled into the wormholes called Pinterest and Blogger and it spat me back out around 10:30 last night.

Umm… oops.

Maintaining a web presence is important–imperative, even–but the danger is letting it take over my time completely. Spending too much time perfecting a website isn’t going to help me write books and having an amazing Pinterest page with thousands of photos… well, no, actually. That might help me write books.

ANYWAY, my point. I have one. Most of the time setting time limits on things like Facebook and Pinterest is a good idea. However, every so often letting your brain unfocus for a while is a good thing too. I think yesterday was one of those days for me. Let’s hope I can get mysefl back on track tonight, though. 🙂