Counting down to release day! 1 day!

I am always forgetful. If I don’t do something right when I’m thinking about it, I forget. Which explains why the post for Friday never went up and I didn’t realize it until today! On the plus side, that means I’ve accidentally saved a snippet for release day! So, today you get snippet number five and tomorrow I’ll get to post snippet six.  Worked out well, I think. 🙂

doorwaystoextratimeStill interested? Read on!

I light the candles and the incense, meditate while chanting foreign-sounding words, and lie down on my bed, concentrating on the exact time I want to go back to. I pour all my energy into that thought and the image of a clock stuck at exactly 10:05 PM on Friday, October 19th. Keeping that image in my head, I close my eyes and focus.

Time isn’t a line or a circle or any 2-D object, Aisling had written. It’s more like you’re standing inside of a sphere of constantly flowing energy. When you find that center, you can reach out and touch any part of your life.

I imagine a ball of bluish-white light. I concentrate solely on that image and hold it in my mind. I do nothing but concentrate.

I wake up the next morning in exactly the same position.

Tomorrow details will go up about my giveaway, but there’s still time to enter to win one of five copies on Goodreads! The Dragon Con launch party is a go, but unfortunately I won’t be there. Travel arrangements and a place to sleep kind of fell apart. It would have been fun, though! And I know some of my fellow contributors will be there. Track them down if you can!

The updates to go up this weekend with a playlist for Sing Sweet Nightingale and character bios from “Whatever it Takes” and I can’t wait until people get to read the book! So exciting!

Pre-ordering is almost over, but you can still pick up a copy of Doorways to Extra Time from one of the stores below:

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