Counting down to release day! 6 days!

doorwaystoextratimeToday, I’m jumping right in to the fun stuff. Snippet number four!

“The time jump won’t work the first time you try it,” Aisling says as she rings up my supplies.

I watch the total growing higher and higher with a knot in my stomach. If this doesn’t work, how am I going to explain spending all this money to Mom?

Aisling snaps her fingers in front of my face. “Hey! It won’t work the first time. It may not work the tenth time, but it will work eventually if you keep at it. Maybe not for as long as you hope, but you should be able to get half an hour. An hour at most. Luckily, when you’re dealing with time, it doesn’t matter when it works or how long it works for, as long as it does.”

Oh the tricks of time travel! Will Valari be able to make it work? And if she does, will it solve her problems or leave her with more of them?

Less than a week now until people will have their copies of Doorways to Extra Time! There’s still time to enter to win one of five copies on Goodreads! And the appearance I mentioned at Dragon Con? Well, my publisher is hosting a super-cool invitation only party on September 1. My presence at this party and the convention is still contingent on me finding somewhere to sleep over the weekend, but you may see my editors walking around that weekend! 🙂

My first giveaway on my site will happen next week, so make sure you come back to celebrate the release with me! Also, don’t forget to check later this month for the first extras from the series including a playlist for Sing Sweet Nightingale and character bios from “Whatever it Takes”!

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