Life: There Come The Moments

OMG. I just had a little revelation and I’m not so sure I like it.

While reading Cindy Bennett’s blog I came across this banner on the bottom of her page:

Totally a worthwhile cause and one I support, so I went to “Take the pledge.” And that’s when it happened.

To take the pledge, you have you identify yourself as either a student or an adult. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school of any sort and I’ve been supporting myself for years now, but for some reason this simplistic delineation made my brain do this:

*&#% (*^ %)(* %$( *^#%_) * #^* &!!!!!! OMG I’M AN ADULT! When the hell did this happen?!

As off-putting as this moment is in my life, it’s a lesson we can use as writers. Don’t underestimate the little things. Sometimes the biggest realizations and moments of truth a person has comes from seeing something small… like a banner ad for a worthy cause on someone’s website. These moments can change motivations, help piece a mental puzzle together, or give a character the reason s/he needs to do x, y, or z.

Don’t get me wrong, books definitely need their big, drama-fueled moments, too, but life isn’t made up of those. Books shouldn’t be either.

Oh, and, yes. I did still go back and take the pledge. Because I’m an adult. And that’s what adults do. 😉

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