Reviews have started to come!

ARC copies of Sing Sweet Nightingale are out in the world and that means one thing: reviews. I have made the choice that I am not going to go out searching for reviews of my books, but these early ones came to my attention and, guys, they’re AWESOME.

First, I saw this one:

I didn’t know that SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE had a dark, horror aspect to it. Heck, I didn’t know much about it at all, except that part of this novel took place in the dream world. That was all I needed to know, and I’m thankful. Because if you’re anything like me, I would totally shy away from horror. I’m usually easily spooked and creeped out, but instead, I was completely under this book’s spell! I read this novel straight through and was drawn into the story immediately. I couldn’t put it down! I was so taken in.

Liza Wiemer on Goodreads

Then this one popped up:

I like books that have never been done before (at least I haven’t seen this done), something original or out of the ordinary, that makes you think and when you finally start reading it you realize it is not what you expected and gives you so much more. Sing Sweet Nightingale by Erica Cameron is an amazing book with strong characters and a story that keeps you turning the page until you realize OMG it’s done I need more.

Michelle on Because Reading is Better than Real Life

And just this morning, another one!

There was nonstop suspense, hauntingly vivid visions and dreams, and action that was beautifully written and original. It wasn’t your average kick, punch, stab kind of fighting. No, this fighting was all about will power and inner strength at its core and I loved it.

Kayla DeGroote on Bibliophilic Nerds

More than anything, what thrills me is seeing that people GET IT. The layers and the relationship dynamics and the psychology of it all. I was so afraid I would spend a lot of time defending Mariella, my female narrator, but so far readers seem to understand and, honestly, that is all I can ask for and more. <3

For those who haven’t had a chance to get their hands on the book yet, check out my Tumblr page and the official Dream War Tumblr page for teasers from the novel! I’ve been having a lot of fun pairing the quotes with images. Like this one:

Don’t be stupider than you need to be, I remind myself. Remember Calease? The last glowing girl you talked to tried to kill you. ~ Hudson from Erica Cameron’s SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE

So go check it out! Because it’s a lot of fun. At least, I’m having fun. 😉

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