Sing Sweet Nightingale is a real book!

So, on Wednesday night of this week, I came home and found a package sitting on my front step. Within the package was this:



I knew that–I mean, of course I knew it would be real at some point–but this week was the first time ever I got to hold a printed, bound, and finished copy in my hands. Seeing the book like this and being able to flip through the pages makes it slightly more real that other people, people I don’t know and might never meet, will soon be able to do the same thing. I’m in awe and a little scared of that truth. And so, of course, because that truth does terrify me more than a little, it got hammered home in the awesomest way this morning when another 2014 debut author Rebecca Petruck tweeted this fabulous picture from the American Booksellers Association’s winter conference:


THAT IS SO MANY COPIES! I tried to count and I lost my place too many times and eventually gave up but WOW! Apparently Rebecca found them in galley hall (which sounds like a place I could spend hours). I’m not even sure I know how to process seeing that many copies of my book all at once. For the second time this week, I believe I might have succumbed to a state of shock. O.O

Soon, Sing Sweet Nightingale will be available on NetGalley and in paperback form through my publisher Spencer Hill Press. And then, not too long after that, it will be available EVERYWHERE.

And hopefully people will feel the need to tweet me pictures of sightings when that happens. 😉

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